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Alignment Then Action

I know how easy it is for actors to go down a dark rabbit hole of negativity, frustration + doubt, but I also know that when you have the right tools, resources + support, it’s way easier to get back on track, know which way to go and start feeling good again.

And when you do, the victories that start showing up in your life + your career will blow your mind.

Why working actors love Wendy Braun’s Spotlight Club:

Karen Valero

I went from feeling stressed at auditions to working with Helen Mirren.

"I’ve been listening to the monthly guided meditations + writing in the Spotlight Focus journal everyday + it’s all actually working! I go to my auditions with such a positive mind, accepting myself and honoring my uniqueness. No judging, no doubts. This is who I am since joining The Spotlight Club! "

Karen Valero

Keiko Elizabeth

More important than all the bookings (7 jobs in 8 months) is the feeling of peace that Wendy’s Spotlight Club tools have helped me cultivate.

"The ease that surrounds me now is almost unbelievable to the me of one year ago. Energetically I’m more relaxed, confident, braver, freer, and I’m having more fun. Wendy’s Spotlight Club helped me uplevel my mindset + laid the foundation for booking bigger roles. It’s also been helpful to hear about other actor’s breakthroughs, epiphanies, and challenges in our private online community."

Keiko Elizabeth

Kyle Mattocks

Wendy's Spotlight Club helps me get back in the zone, dig deeper + always feel supported. It’s absolutely, absolutely worth doing.

"If I slip, if I start feeling crappy or if I start thinking I can’t do this - any of those same old low-energy thought patterns, her tools + support get you back into that inspired, loving place. The monthly tools always bring the focus back on YOU - not just making you a better actor, but making you a better person."

Kyle Mattocks

Julie Craig

I went from not working for over a year (and feeling pretty hopeless) to 3 new bookings in 3 months + signing with a new agent.

"I have never in 6 years had so much going on in my career at once. I am so beyond grateful for Wendy + The Spotlight Club. Your guided meditations are everything, Wendy Braun. Truly miraculous and I’ve proven it."

Julie Craig

Sarah Dacey Charles

I went from booking a job every 6 months to booking something every month + the internal shifts are almost too numerous to count.

"I am a truly happier person today - way happier than a year ago, when I joined The Spotlight Club. I also have an arsenal of tools to help me when I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of self-doubt. I love the Spotlight Focus Journal, which I do daily on my ipad on the subway + the monthly meditations are like a little gift package I get to open each month."

Sarah Dacey Charles

Catherine Rogala

The Spotlight Club has been one of the best ongoing investments I’ve made in my acting career.

"When I’m feeling down on myself, I now have this whole library of meditations to choose from to help me process what I’m feeling, move through it + uplift myself. When I’m already feeling great, the meditations are wonderful for helping me visualize even greater things to come. So many of my goals have come true and I’m so grateful to Wendy, these tools + the community."

Catherine Rogala



Get empowered

A new Guided Meditation/Visualization audio (with different monthly themes), written + recorded by me, for you to download + keep forever. I always use the input + suggestions of my Spotlight members, so each month you get an audio that feels like it was made just for you.


Get inspired

Monthly Mindset Mantras are beautifully designed for you to download, print, + post where you can read them daily. New mantras each month will always echo the monthly audio’s theme, helping you to cultivate a success mindset.


Get focused

Spotlight Focus Journal will help you to begin each day in a positive way, align your thoughts with what you want + document all the wonderful, unexpected surprises that begin flowing your way. This is my very own personal, secret manifesting tool. Print it or use it on a tablet.


Get supported

Spotlight Group Support will give you exclusive access to me + our private online community. It's a loving place where you can discuss challenges, create new friendships, celebrate your success + get support from me + like-minded peers.


Get it whenever

Get 24/7 VIP access to all of your Spotlight gifts the moment you sign up for your free trial. Enjoy simple navigation in our Members Only area, on any device at anytime, so you can easily access the guided meditation, mindset mantras, focus journal + all your monthly benefits.


Get guidance

Every other month I host a live coaching call for my Spotlight Club members only. You can ask me whatever you want when we connect live or submit a question in advance + listen to the replay of you can't make it live.


Spotlight available on all devices

You can access The Spotlight Club anytime, from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sandra Luesse

After being a Spotlight member for just 3 months, my callback and booking rate went up by 80%.

"The monthly membership is SO worth it. It’s fuel for my soul and making a huge difference in my life and career."

Sandra Luesse

Paul Karmiryan

After doing Wendy’s game-changing Success Breakthrough Workshop, continuing with The Spotlight Club was a way to stay connected and continually refresh and remember all of her powerful teachings!

"Wendy has a way of hitting the bull’s eye on various things that are going on in my life. It’s almost like she can read my mind."

Paul Karmiryan

Christina DeRosa

Your Spotlight Club guided meditations + Focus journal are helping me improve my quality of life.

"I am having WAY more fun and loving who I am. And it's no surprise, I’m booking much more often."

Christina DeRosa

Carla Betz

I look forward to getting a new audio every month that seems to magically pertain to exactly what I’m going through

"I also love checking in on our private Support Group and seeing what words of wisdom + inspiration are being offered up. Wendy’s Spotlight Club has helped me stay focused, positive + motivated."

Carla Betz

Jen Ponton

The Spotlight Club meditations + support have helped me navigate my life.

"I am able to fully be there for myself for both the highs (booking 11 jobs in a year) and the lows in my life (the devastating passing of my father). Wendy’s words of wisdom remind me that every moment has its lessons and its gifts. I am now free to fly higher + soar more joyfully because of these tools."

Jen Ponton

Kate Greer

Wendy’s Spotlight Club tools help me to stay calm, focused and empowered.

"And it’s so nice to know you are not alone with this rich, empowering, and re-energizing community where I can share experiences, triumphs and challenges."

Kate Greer

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