The Success Breakthrough Workshop

The Success Breakthrough Workshop

Take your acting career (+ personal happiness) to the next level.

Are you struggling to create the kind of acting success you want?

(even though you’re working really hard)

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels but still aren’t seeing results?

(while other actors who seem to do a lot less - are succeeding a lot more)

Confused or overwhelmed about what to do next to get ahead?

(as the years fly by + you tell yourself “I should be further along by now”)

The good news?

You are in the right place.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Let me show you a much easier (and more joy-filled) way!

Having a successful acting career
and a happy, abundant life
doesn’t need to be a struggle.


Would you want to...

  • Get offers without auditioning?
  • Book more work films, tv, theatre, commercials or vo?
  • Walk the red carpet, get nominated + win awards for your work?
  • Audition with way more confidence + less anxiety?
  • Sign with new representation?
  • Have VIP mentors offer to help you?
  • Quit your soul-sucking day job + attract better money-making opportunities?
  • Enjoy more loving relationships with significant other, family, friends?
  • Wake up each day feeling excited + joyful about your life + career, knowing exactly what to do next to create real results?
Success Stories

ArrowAll of these things are possible

(in fact these are REAL RESULTS from REAL ACTORS
who initially felt lost, frustrated or overwhelmed.)

Wendy Braun

Hi, I’m Wendy Braun.

I’ve discovered a process and a set of transformational tools that have helped me make my living solely from acting for over 20 years, including over 70 tv + film credits, over 100 commercials + thousands of voiceovers. I’ve gone back to this system + set of (inner + outer game) tools + strategies over and over again to create breakthrough results in my own career and my personal life, and have now shared this process with tons of actors + who are also experiencing amazing success breakthroughs.

Now, I want to share my system with you.

The Success Breakthrough Workshop

The Success Breakthrough Workshop

is a game changing online course (and community) to help you radically transform your acting career (and your life) faster than you ever thought possible.

You’ll learn the EXACT 5-step proven process (I’ve taught to actors just like you) to help you radically shift your mindset, remove blocks, overcome obstacles
learn practical how to’s and success strategies to create a step-by-step road map to dramatically change your career and reach new heights in any area of your life.

Guess what? It’s not about getting busy “DOING” more.

There are plenty of workshops that will tell you to

“DO MORE,” take ‘massive’ action, do more marketing +

hustle every day to make your dreams happen.

This is NOT that course.

Because before changing things externally,
you must understand what’s going on internally -
the thoughts, beliefs and habits that are driving your actions.

Once you uncover + release your inner blocks,

amazing, new outer results begin to show up

(with far less effort + way more ease.)

The best part?

You’ll start inviting in more success

instead of having to chase, push and effort your way.

You'll be amazed at how quickly

you’ll start loving your life again and how

your career will begin to blossom as a result.


Paul turned frustration into fearlessness:

Paul is a well-known dancer from So You Think You Can Dance who wanted to shift careers.

"As a dancer transitioning into acting I felt trapped in the unknown of the acting industry, distressed over the next steps in my career.
In the first week of Wendy's workshop, not only did I feel uplifted + full of energy but I began to see shifts in my career as well…
I booked my first acting job!
Throughout Wendy's workshop, I had many internal shifts + found a place of peace and happiness for myself.
I also got amazing theatrical headshots, created a mobile-friendly website, booked a commercial, and booked two episodes in a web series!
Wendy's teachings have been a game changer for my career and even more so for my life.
Thank you with all my heart, Wendy!"
Paul Karmiryan

Paul Karmiryan

Success Update

Since finishing the course, Paul has become a booking machine! Booking acting jobs on One Day At A Time, Flaked, Switched At Birth, a supporting role in a Lifetime movie and 3 national commercials.

Paul on set for Switched at Birth


Ruth turned chaos into certainty.

At the start of the workshop, Ruth revealed her biggest struggle was "Trusting + letting go of the final goal."
After completing the course, Ruth shared these major
Inner Breakthroughs:
  • "I'm no longer a symbol of chaos. I’m calm + creating with ease."
It was no surprise that she also experienced all of these
Outer Breakthroughs:
  • Booked a spot on The Conan O’Brien Show.
  • Developed stronger relationships with family, friends + classmates.
  • Changed jobs allowing her more time to focus on myself + her career.
  • Got an extended contract from Netflix + overseas distribution on another film project.
Ruth Reynolds

Ruth Reynolds

Success Update

Since finishing the course, Ruth has been nominated and WON "Best Actress" for a film she stars in at the Austin Film Festival.

Ruth Reynolds nominated for best actress


From feeling unmotivated to starring in a feature film:

Throughout the workshop, Maria revealed these Inner Breakthroughs: “It's been two weeks, and I haven't felt so positive, motivated + excited for that long in quite a while (so long that I can't even remember). I feel hopeful + free inside.
As a result of this work, I’m feeling more confident and grounded, and have become the better, more courageous, stronger self, trusting in who I am more than ever before.
Thank you so much for this transformative experience! You are changing people's lives, mine definitely.”

So excited to see Maria then experienced these Outer Breakthroughs
  • Many issues solved, new doors open, new people offering assistance.
  • Moved into a new apartment.
  • Transferred to her dream University.
  • Booked a starring role in a feature film.
Maria Darkina

Maria Darkina

Thank you so much for this transformative experience! You are changing people's lives, mine definitely.”

Success Update

Three months after finishing the workshop, Maria Darkina was invited to The Cannes Film Festival + featured in COTE Magazine.

Maria Darkina

My fool-proof methods make implementing these teachings
doable, tangible, and geared to get you results….fast!

How? I've combined mind-blowing, soul-discovery inner breakthrough work
with practical 'how-to' success strategies
to radically transform your acting career (and your life!)

Success (and Happiness) Breakthroughs


With the right steps, the right mindset, and the right support you can create the acting career (and happy life) you desire. (without all the struggle, anxiety, self-doubt + frustration)


When it comes to your success (and happiness), you really have 2 choices…

You could continue to do what you’ve been doing and…

  • Keep taking "massive action," while feeling frustrated, (+ wonder why you're not getting results).
  • Feel so overwhelmed by your "should do" list that you procrastinate + end up feeling worse.
  • Experience stomach-churning fear + anxiety every time you walk into an audition (or ask for what you want).
  • Feel like you put your life (and personal joy) on hold until you have something to show for yourself in your career.
  • Become more resentful as you watch your peers succeed (who put in a lot less effort + have way more fun).
  • Rarely take time off to do what brings you joy for fear of missing out.
  • Dread ever having to answer the question, "So, how's your career going?"
  • Wake up feeling hopeless + in a constant state of negativity (with no idea how to change things).


Something that would help you

feel way better on the inside.

Something that would give you

way better results on the outside.



is a 6 week online training program (and vibrant community) that’s designed

to help you radically shift your mindset and revolutionize your ability to

create lasting success in your career and more happiness in your life.

View SBW Online Anywhere

You’ll follow my step-by-step system where you’ll learn:

  • My powerful method to eliminate every limiting belief that is blocking you.
  • A fun process to help you gain crystal clear clarity on your biggest vision. (now that your limiting beliefs aren’t keeping you playing small).
  • Exactly what you need to let go of to invite more acting success + abundance in your life. (This step alone ignites so many breakthroughs!)
  • My empowering 6-step goal-setting method to create breakthrough results.
  • How to craft a personalized, detailed action plan - that excites you (and the tools to help stay motivated and out of overwhelm).
  • How to market yourself authentically (even when it feels like you have “nothing going on”).
  • My favorite social media strategies to connect with opportunity makers. (And how to strengthen relationships in under 15 minutes a day.)
  • Transformational (yet super-easy to implement) daily practices for lasting success, happiness + inner peace.
  • And enjoy an audio library of life-changing + proven guided meditations (to keep you in the right frame of mind anywhere or anytime)
  • And so much more…

So you can (finally) reach your true potential!

Students have been calling

The Success Breakthrough Workshop:

“Absolutely life-changing.”

“Uplifting + inspiring on every level.”

“Ridiculously powerful, positive + transformative.”

“A speedway to personal change + breakthroughs for actors.”

“Vital to the actor’s soul.”

“Clear, practical + useful information that changed my life.”

“Like nothing else out there.”

“A fantastic combo of inner work + practical tools to empower actors.”

“Priceless, helpful + easy to apply in the real world.”

“The entire process + audios are amazing.”

“The only workshop that has truly given me tangible results.”

“Everything you need to not only have a great career, but to also lead an amazing life.”


Max crushed his limiting beliefs + opportunities found him:

"After just the first week, I was able to dig deep into my past, identify my core, limiting belief, discover where it came from, who said it to me, and the crushing effects that it has had in my daily life AND transform it.
As a result, I felt physically lighter, mentally more clear + emotionally uplifted. (Inner Breakthroughs)
In my career, I was offered two amazing production jobs, offered a role in a film, called into to meet execs from Relativity regarding co-producing a feature film. (Outer Breakthroughs)
ALL after WEEK ONE! Thank you, Wendy, for your insights, knowledge, and ability to open hearts and minds!!
Bring on Week Two!"
By Week 5, Relativity went bankrupt, but the executives offered to find a new company to back Max’s feature film!
Max Landwirth

Max Landwirth

Success Update

Recently, Max won “Best Ensemble Cast” at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and is set to produce another feature film later this year.

Max at LAIFF


Vera went from feeling frustrated to fabulous filmmaker:

Vera Miao wanted to get out of the “co-star” rut, but also hesitated to enroll in the course since she wasn’t a beginning actor.
Here’s a glimpse of the amazing breakthroughs Vera experienced throughout the workshop…
Outer Breakthroughs:
  • Multiple series regular + recurring auditions.
  • Got a development deal at a major studio.
  • Booked a commercial.
  • Multiple writing projects are moving forward.
Inner Breakthroughs:
  • “My romantic relationship is in the sweetest, most open phase in 2 years.
  • “I am so much more open, peaceful, happy, able to deal with things, kind to myself, confident + able to be 100% myself in more situations.
Vera Miao

Vera Miao

Success Update

Three months after completing the workshop, Vera was chosen by TRIBECA + CHANEL to be 1 of 7 filmmakers in their brand new Female Filmmaker Program. She is now receiving support + mentorship from Academy Award winning actors, directors + producers for a project she wrote and will soon direct.

Vera Miao IndieWire


Theresa went from feeling lost to finding her voice:

Before taking the workshop, Theresa shared her struggles:
“I feel lost, frustrated, and like I have no control when it comes to my career. I want to be proactive, but I’m unsure about where to go from here.”
After completing the workshop she shared her Inner Breakthroughs: “Your workshop helped me to become uninhibited, ignited me and helped me open my mind to things I used to doubt -- like myself.
I've made room for opportunities in my life and they started showing up.”

And her exciting Outer Breakthroughs: “My relationship is stronger than ever. In fact, I got engaged!
I also began co-writing, composing, producing and starring in my solo musical comedy, "My Big Fat Blonde Musical."
Theresa Stroll

Theresa Stroll

“Wendy’s workshop gives actors the perspective to appreciate where you are + the tools to get you to where you want to be.”

Success Update

Theresa’s musical has since won 5 top awards at The Hollywood Fringe Festival including Top of the Fringe (#1 out of 300 shows), Best World Premiere, Best Musical, Encore Producers Award, and (from the LA Music Critic) Best Solo Show and has been invited to tour. Also in the works, Theresa is set to star in her own web series.

Theresa Stroll My Big Fat Musical

Complexity doesn’t matter. Results do.

(And these results proved this process can be applied by actors at any level.)

With so many actors experiencing all kinds of

amazing inner + outer breakthroughs,

you’ll follow a proven system that works.

(while feeling a lot happier along the way!)

Why this works?

I’ve been using these exact tools + teachings

to create lasting success in my own career for years.

In fact, recently (following the same system I’ll be teaching you)

I’ve booked awesome roles (one of which was a direct offer)

alongside Tracy Morgan, Ed Helms, Dr. Dre, Danny DeVito,

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, to name a few.


Wendy worked on these TV shows and Movies

But equally as important…

is that these same tools + teachings have also helped me to

experience way more



in my personal life...


  • marrying my soul mate
  • becoming a mother to our 2 boys
  • buying our dream home
  • building our amazing, custom pool
  • and adding a recording studio
    (where I create all of my guided meditations)
Wendy and family

‘Cuz what's all the career success without love, abundance, joy AND fulfillment, right?

And...I still practice my own teachings, every single day.

(now I just get to do them, poolside!)


When I was first starting out,

I was turned down by the top 10 commercial agents in Los Angeles.

The Rejection Sign

I was told...

  • I was too tall.
  • I was not commercial enough.
  • I was more of a theatrical type.
  • There was too much competition.
  • I didn’t have enough experience.
  • They had too many white women in their 20’s.
  • They had someone exactly like me...(my personal favorite!)

They more they told me NO.

The more I learned how to cultivate

the mindset that told me YES.

Keep Going!

I got a smaller agent, worked my way up and 3 years after hearing all those “NO’s”

I booked 19 National Commercials in 1 year.

and the next year...

I was offered a 26-spot campaign that

turned into a 3-year spokesperson contract.

(Including getting serenaded by my childhood crush, David Cassidy)

(If you’re under 25, you’ll just have to Google him.

AKA Katie Cassidy’s dad)

Wendy Braun and David Cassidy

Then I had the next level of “actor problems.” No matter what I had achieved...

I always felt like it was NEVER ENOUGH.

I always wanted to get to the next rung on the success ladder and...

  • Book a pilot
  • Be on a TV series
  • Win an Emmy
  • Get married
  • Have a family
    ( that exact order, of course!)
Climbing the ladder

In the height of my lucrative commercial spokeswoman gig,

I’d do a live personal appearance, greet 500 raving fans, be driven back to the W Hotel in a limousine and

I’d cry in my hotel room because I didn’t have a boyfriend + I hadn’t booked a pilot!

All of my down time was spent in ACTION on my career...

(doing this math equation)

Wishing I was further along + working 24/7 on my career + rarely taking a day off + taking action from a place of fear, lack + self-doubt = MORE UNHAPPINESS + LESS THAN STELLAR RESULTS

(Can you relate?)

I felt exhausted, frustrated + unfulfilled,

and was finally forced to find another way.

After much soul-searching, studying and seeking,

I decided to stop all the DOING and started focusing on who I was BEING.

I began tending to my INNER GAME.

Once I learned how to

change my belief system,

release my inner blocks,

and reprogram my mind...

the outer results started coming

much more easily.


I started getting OFFERS

I was offered 1 episode of General Hospital which soon turned into 10 episodes.

I was offered a Series Regular contract role and asked to join the cast of their spinoff show, General Hospital: Night Shift.

I got offered a Movie Of The Week, Pandemic.
Vincent Spano’s FBI agent partner was supposed to be male. But after watching my reel, they rewrote the part and offered it to me.

I booked a pilot.
The hairstylist on the pilot reconnected me with a guy I knew and we started dating.

Then the best offer came in...
That guy turned out to be my soul mate + asked me to marry him. We got married + eventually started a family.

Offers Rewards

As if all that wasn’t enough, I was then invited to join the Television Academy,

which means I actually vote on the Emmy’s!

Today, I enjoy an abundant + fulfilling life balancing career, motherhood and family.

What I learned was,

no matter how hard you try,

no matter how ambitious you might be,

no matter what kind of actions you continue to take,

until you learn how to MASTER YOUR INNER GAME

you’ll never have the kind of

success (or happiness) that you truly desire.

Yin and Yang

When I looked back, I realized there were specific steps I took to combine

powerful inner-game mindset shifts

with practical outer-game success strategies

to create lasting career success AND happiness.

I broke these steps down into a process that became

a doable, repeatable and actionable system.

I started teaching my easy-to-follow system and sharing my inner game tools

with actors at EVERY LEVEL, and rather quickly, they began experiencing


And now, I’d like to share

The Success Breakthrough Workshop

online training program with you


Online Course on all devices

This is a 6-week online training program and vibrant community

that gives you the clarity, confidence, certainty + strategy

to turn your dreams into reality, while living a joy-filled life.

You’ll learn my CLEAR, PROVEN, 5-STEP SYSTEM, designed to teach you EXACTLY how to

take your acting career to the next level and beyond (in the comfort of your home) while you

dramatically improve the quality of your life, without all the stress + struggle … FAST.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn when you enroll in



(This is just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you dig into this system!)

Module 1: Conscious Awareness

Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

You’ll become consciously aware of why you are where you are,

what has been holding you back + know exactly what you need to do to change it.

In Module 1 you will:

  • Discover exactly how you are perceived + what kinds of roles you'd be easily cast in
  • Learn a quick and easy method to end self-sabotage before an audition, meeting, callback or even on the set.
  • Realize exactly who you are being + how it affects every audition.
  • Know how identify the voice of your “inner critic” + a simple tool to dismantle it instantly.
  • Walk through powerful system for eliminating every single limiting belief that is blocking you.
  • Discover a simple technique to create more empowering beliefs.
  • Begin to own the feeling + belief that you are enough.

I am Enough

To crush your limiting beliefs:

You need to own the feeling of I AM ENOUGH.

You’ll add the powerful guided meditation + visualization I Am Enough to your success mindset audio library.

Module 2: Clarity

Clarify Your Big Vision + Clear The Clutter

You’ll get crystal clear clarity on what you want + why you want it. Learn why visualizing is vital to your success + create space for what you want to show up easily.

In Module 2 you will:

  • Learn the 3 vital steps to creating your best life + career.
  • Engage in a powerful process to help you clarify your biggest vision (now that your limiting beliefs aren’t keeping you playing small).
  • Uncover 7 daily practices to help you align with your big vision (you choose what feels best for you)
  • Understand why it’s time to play a bigger game (including identifying your ideal life + career).
  • Learn why visualizing creates miracles, why most people fail at it + how to do it effectively.
  • Pinpoint exactly what you need to do (physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually) to make space for more acting success + abundance in your life.

It Is Done

To clarify your big vision:

You must visualize what you want as if IT IS DONE.

You’ll add the powerful guided meditation + visualization “It Is Done, I Align With My Future Self” to your success mindset audio library.

Know What Needs To Go

To make space for more of what you want:


You’ll add the guided meditation + visualization “Making Space For Success, Joy + Abundance” to your success mindset audio library.

Module 3: Courage

Craft Your Success Breakthrough Strategy

You’ll dare to set goals that stretch you, design an action plan to get you there +

find the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

In Module 3 you will:

  • Learn your biggest block to success + how to remove it.
  • Gain the courage to set big goals.
  • Discover my empowering 6-step goal setting method to create breakthrough results.
  • Learn how to create your own detailed action plan (that excites you + tools to move you forward).
  • Gain the courage to end self-criticism + expand what you think is possible.
  • Identify your personal marketing target list (including casting directors, directors, showrunners, writers + producers).
  • Be guided through powerful process to help you let go of resentments, regrets + learn to forgive yourself + others.
  • Implement an easy process to overcome overwhelm + procrastination.

The Inner Shift

When you step outside your comfort zone:

Your inner critic will resist, unless you make THE INNER SHIFT.

You’ll add the guided meditation + visualization “The Inner Shift” to your success mindset audio library.

Module 4: Confidence

Cultivate Connections + Create Certainty

You’ll learn how to be the CEO of your own company,

how to confidently connect + cultivate relationships,

ask for what you want + love your life now.

In Module 4 you will :

  • Understand why you are the CEO + how to empower your representation to work for you.
  • Learn to ask for what you want, find new reps and own your power.
  • Uncover how to cultivate connections + build relationships (using social media in under 15 minutes a day).
  • How to make marketing fun + easy (even when it feels like you have “nothing going on.”)
  • Discover 5 actions that will instantly ignite your confidence + bring you more joy.
  • Know how to shine your light brightly (even when you feel intimidated).
  • Learn the biggest secret to creating lasting success + happiness (that you can begin today).

Shine Brightly

To create confidence + certainty:


You’ll add the guided meditation + visualization “I Allow My Light To Shine Brightly” to your success mindset audio library.

Module 5: Commitment

Create More Flow, Less Struggle.

You’ll learn how to detach from needing, pursuing or pushing to make things happen +

where to focus your commitment moving forward.

In Module 5 you will:

  • Learn the #1 cause of suffering for actors + how to remedy it forever.
  • Realize the 3 areas to focus your commitment for maximum results + lasting success.
  • Understand the 3 most important elements to detach from to be a successful AND happy actor.
  • Discover how to be committed but not attached and why it’s vital to your lasting success.
  • Know how to move forward with confidence + ease.


To allow your biggest dreams to materialize:

You must master the art of TRUST + DETACHMENT.

You’ll add the guided meditation + visualization “Practicing The Art of Trust + Detachment – Allowing Your Dreams To Manifest” to your success mindset audio library.


All the course materials, audios, and trainings are provided in an easy-to-navigate members-only website. You’ll be able to follow along, step-by-step, and learn at your own pace after each module is released.

Everything is available digitally, so no matter where you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection (on ANY device) and you are good to go.

Online Course on all devices

You’ll have access to the training (that has taken me 20 years to learn, refine and master) in the form of several easy-to-follow short video lessons, done-for-you guided meditation + visualization audios, downloadable worksheets and loads of inspiration + support from me.

Every week you’ll receive an email giving you access to the next module. As much as you may want to binge-watch the entire 5 modules in one sitting, this course is designed to give you mindset and action steps every single week. To get the full results, it’s best to take it one week at a time.

View the class on any device

The entire site is optimized for your mobile device, so that learning on the go AND listening to the guided meditation audios is convenient and easy.

Online Course on iPad

You’ll also be prompted to participate in deep soul-discovery writing exercises and be guided to easily create doable action plans with my downloadable + simple-to-follow worksheets.

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced, seasoned actor, all you need to do is follow my paint-by-numbers system where you’ll discover practical strategies and transformational tools designed to help you create breakthrough success in any area of your acting career and your personal life.

(And you’ll be able to access the course over and over again!)

Whitney Martin Testimonial

“There are classes on marketing, social media tools, and networking tools... and there are classes on inner-self work…but to have the two combined in such detailed, groundbreaking ways was such a game-changer.

Wendy made it all tangible, feasible, and doable. I am shocked at how different I feel now from who I was a few months ago!! It gave me the confidence to now produce and co-star in my first film.”

-Whitney Martin, Actress/Producer


I got you covered.

To help you jumpstart your transformation right away,

I’m giving you instant access to these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1:

In The Flow ($67 Value)

In The Flow audio

This powerful but quick audio will help you begin each day feeling uplifted + unstoppable in under 5 minutes!

My acronym for the word F.L.O.W?

Feeling Love Overflow Within.

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll get instant access to this audio to help you shift who you are BEING - before the course even begins.

Many Success Breakthrough Workshop alumni say they still listen to In The Flow daily!

Bonus #2:

Everything Always Works Out For Me ($67 Value)

Everything Works Out

When your thoughts are consumed with what isn’t working, what hasn’t happened yet or trying to figure out how it will all show up, you are actually pushing away the new miracle that is on its way to you.

This audio will help you make peace with where you are right now, so you can more easily get to where you want to go.

Many Success Breakthrough Workshop alumni say that

this 6 word mantra + audio changed their life.

Bonus #3:

Success Breakthrough Workshop


SBW Mastermind Group

When you enroll in the course, you’ll gain private access to our thriving mastermind community of like-minded actors, all on the same path (including alumni) who will be there to celebrate all your breakthroughs!

If you are ever stuck or have questions, posting inside our mastermind group, will not only give you almost instant support and feedback from The Success Breakthrough Workshop community, but I’m also in there every single day to answer questions and cheer on all your victories.

Imagine being able to interact, engage and learn from other actors who are on the same journey as you, AND tap into the wisdom of those who have already been where you want to go.

Bonus #4:

Live Q + A Coaching Calls ($1000 Value)

FB Live Q + A Calls

Inside our Mastermind Group, I will also host Facebook Live Q + A Coaching Calls throughout the course, where we will connect live + you can ask me anything.

And if you can’t be there live, the call will be recorded for you to reference later. You’ll even get an extra Q + A session after the course ends, so you know exactly how to continue your success breakthrough journey.

My A’s to your Q’s will be answered LIVE throughout the course + even a session after it ends.
I got you covered (and you get me - LIVE.)

Bonus #5:

Lifetime Access (Priceless)

Lifetime Membership

Once you become a student, you’ll have free + lifetime access to this training and all the materials for as long as the course is online.

That means anytime I update the course, you’ll have access to the latest information, tools and strategies, for free.

You can return and review the course in full anytime or refer back to a section whenever you need a refresher or have a new career goal you want to achieve.

Success Breakthrough Workshop alumni love coming back again + again to the course.
Lifetime access makes it easy.

Everything you need will be at your fingertips, 24/7, on ANY device.

Just to recap, here’s everything that’s included with


  • 5 Inspiring Modules to make learning, implementing and taking inspired action each week doable + easy..
  • 6 Guided Meditation + Visualization Audios to help you create fast results and take the guesswork out of visualizing.
  • 30 Step-By-Step Training Videos where I personally guide you through each transformative + easy-to-follow lesson.
  • Deep Self-Discovery Writing Exercises to help you bust through your blocks + remove barriers for good.
  • Success Breakthrough Worksheets to help you stay organized, motivated + know exactly what you need to do next.
  • Daily Declaration Mindset Sheets to help keep you in the right headspace + inspired as you go through the process.
  • Access Into Our Exclusive Online Training Center designed to be quick, simple to navigate + easy to use anytime.
  • Mobile-Friendly Learning On All Devices so you can learn on-the-go at your own pace wherever you are in the world.

Plus you’ll receive instant access to these free bonuses:

  • In The Flow Guided Visualization ($67 Value)
  • Everything Always Works Out For Me Guided Visualization ($67)
  • Mastermind Group Membership ($1000 Value)
  • LIVE Q + A Coaching Calls ($1000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To The Course + Updates (Priceless)

The course is released one Module at a time, beginning February 1, 2021.

(Once you enroll, you will have instant access to all of the pre-training bonuses inside the Welcome area).


Natalie clarified her vision, cleared the clutter + found her bliss:

“I have felt the weight of a grand piano on my chest my whole life.”
After Week 1 of the workshop, Natalie revealed, “the grand piano has turned into a keyboard.”
After Week 2, she cleared mental + physical clutter and shared, “I feel physically + spiritually lighter. The keyboard on my chest has been lightened to an occasional tambourine.
Before I took your course, I was looking for validation, approval, success + happiness 'out there' and I was miserable.
Your workshop changed the trajectory of my life + helped me begin the incredible exploration of wealth within. I learned about forgiveness, self-care, love, compassion and trust. I found my bliss and so much more.”
Natalie Machado

Natalie Machado

Success Update

Shortly after finishing the workshop, Natalie found out that the director she visualized during the “It Is Done” audio, (Garry Marshall) requested her for a role in what would become his final film, “Mother’s Day.”

Here’s Natalie on the set with the late, legendary, Garry Marshall.

Natalie Machado and Garry Marshall


Brooke went from dimming her light to shining brightly + booking:

“The Success Breakthrough Workshop has changed my life.”
Inner Breakthroughs
  • “I’m way less harsh on myself now,”
  • “I’m allowing my light to shine + not dimming it to make others feel more comfortable or for fear of being judged.”
  • “I’m allowing myself to have way more fun.”
  • “I’m feeling way more confident in auditions.”
  • “I know exactly what to do to achieve my biggest dreams.”
Outer Breakthroughs
  • Booked an 8-week run of a stage play.
  • Booked a fitness DVD + was asked back to do the whole series.
  • Booked a film.
Brooke Ivory

Brooke Ivory

Success Update

Brooke booked her first film and worked alongside Danny Trejo.

While on set, she found out her character was added to additional scenes.

Brooke Ivory and Danny Trejo


Nicole went from feeling stuck to finishing her feature film script in weeks:

“Before Wendy’s workshop I was filled with doubt, fear, anxiety and belief systems that were making me feel awful all the time.”
“I was also confused about the practical steps to take to build an acting career”

Inner Breakthroughs
  • “I’m feeling happier, more relaxed, having more fun + getting more done.
  • Cleared my mental clutter, got rid of my own fear + felt a physical, energetic release after listening to your audios. Amazing!”
  • “I’m now trusting with 100% certainty that I’m where I need to be.”
Outer Breakthroughs
  • “Pulled out a script I put away for years that felt too big + rewrote the draft in just a few weeks. Wow!”
  • Confidently connecting + collaborating with other filmmakers

Nicole Wensel

Nicole Wensel

“Every actor on the planet could use Wendy’s amazing teachings in their own way to transform their lives.”

Success Update

Since completing the workshop, Nicole has started her own production company and is moving forward on two film projects that she’s writing, directing + executive producing.

She was recently featured in SelfLoveBeauty as a woman who is making a change in the film industry.

Nicole Wensel Success Update

These kinds of success AND happiness breakthroughs are priceless.

(and they make my heart sing!)

You’ve got 2 choices here…

Take years to learn all of this on your own from all kinds of different sources,

spend tons of your precious time + money, and cross your fingers that

you’ll end up any further along than you are right now.


You could use my proven success strategies + transformational tools and

experience inner + outer breakthroughs in a matter of weeks.

Think about where you want to be 6 months from now...or one year from now?

Do you have a proven plan and a set of inner-game tools to get you there?

You can use the step-by-step process + tools I share in

The Success Breakthrough Workshop Online Course

to help you reach new levels of success, happiness and fulfillment...

faster than you thought possible.

(And I offer a money-back guarantee!)

45 Day Guarantee

Yep. You’ve got nothing to lose with my

“Peace Of Mind” Guarantee

Try The Success Breakthrough Workshop Online Course


I’m committed to delivering on my promise and I know that if you put in the effort, you’re going to get results. But here's the deal, you must complete the entire program before determining it is not working for you. Yes, I want you to go through the ENTIRE course, implement all the strategies, watch all the videos, listen to the audios, and dive into the writing exercises - and if after completing the entire course and doing all the work - you don't gain huge benefits, just send us your completed work, and once we have reviewed that you did everything IN FULL, we will issue you a refund within 45 days of purchase.

(Why? Because I’m confident that you will have a life-transforming experience!)

So, now...what will you choose?


My students range from actors who’ve just graduated college and have never

been on a set, to seasoned veterans with a long list of credits.

This is for you if…

  • You are committed to your career and want to start seeing better results.
  • You know you need to do something different, but you’re not sure what that is exactly.
  • You’re willing to do what it takes to grow + expand in all areas of your life.
  • You ready to breakthrough your success ceiling + bust through your limitations.
  • You know you’re worthy of success and ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself + your dreams.

This isn’t for you if…

  • Acting is your hobby + you’re not really serious about it as a career.
  • You’re not willing to invest in new tools + strategies to get you to where you want to go.
  • You’re just looking for a “get rich and famous quick” formula.
  • You’re not ready to look within and take responsibility for your life.
  • You’d rather blame the industry, your reps or anyone else for your lack of success.

Got Questions?

If you’ve read this far, then I know you’re serious about your career,

but there might be a few questions running through your mind like…

“What if I’m debating about taking the course? (watch what working actors have to say...)

“What if I’m just starting out?”

Then you’re in the right place + I will help shorten your learning curve. If I had known 1% of the training I’m about to guide you through when I was starting out, it would have saved me years of struggle, heartache, tears, and tons of money.

If you use what I’m about to teach you as the foundation for pursuing an acting career, you’ll not only find your way to a happy + fulfilling life, but you’ll also have gotten an education that took me 20 years to acquire. If you’re just starting out, this course will help guide the way for many #InnerAndOuterBreakthroughs..

Ashleigh Van Der Hoven

“Coming from South Africa + starting over in Los Angeles, I was feeling helpless, overwhelmed and had a lack of direction for my career. Wendy’s teachings + tools are so powerful + inspiring. It’s not only valuable for your career, but also for your life. I now know I am limitless and how valuable my uniqueness is.”

-Ashleigh Van Der Hoven, Actress

“Will I be overwhelmed with information?”

Not likely. Why? YOU are in control of your progress and how much of each module you want to go through at a time. Each module is broken down into several easy-to-consume short videos where I lovingly walk you through every single step - so you always know exactly what to do next.

You can watch on your own time, no matter where the day takes you. You can start on your laptop, resume on your ipad, and listen to an audio on your phone while waiting at an audition. It’s totally doable, portable, and designed to help you create #LessStruggleMoreFlow.

“What if I’m already enrolled in an acting class?”

If you want different results, you must do something different. Being in an acting class (with a supportive teacher who also pushes you) is completely doable while doing this work. In fact, after doing just the first 2 modules in The Success Breakthrough Workshop, many actors have been told by their acting coach, “This is the best work you’ve ever done! Something has shifted with you lately.”

Students always tell me that doing the course has freed them in so many ways to knowing they are enough + they finally own that in their acting work. This course will definitely enhance the work you are already doing + most likely make you an even better actor.

Erin Micklow Testimonial

“Thanks to your guidance and tools, I have been able to break down walls my acting coach has been trying to break down for months. This work has made me feel it’s okay to be vulnerable, which is huge and so valuable. I was debating about enrolling, but I am definitely changed from the experience and it has been worth every minute + every penny. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. You are amazing, Wendy.”

- Erin Micklow, Actress

Do you teach us any acting techniques?

No. Everything I DO teach will help you open up in your acting, let go of barriers you’ve built and definitely make you a more present actor, but I don’t teach any acting techniques in this course. I will give you quick + powerful tools to ease audition + performance anxiety, but I will not teach you any acting fundamentals.

“What if I book a job in the middle of the course?”

If you book a job in the middle of the course (which has happened to many students due to all the amazing inner breakthroughs), you will have the option to continue along on your portable devices while on the job (actors have done parts of the course in their trailers), or take a break and resuming the course after your job ends. Once you sign up, you can complete the course at any pace you choose since your registration includes free lifetime access.

“I’m not a beginning actor, is this really going to help me?”

If you feel stuck or frustrated in any area of your life or career - no matter what level you are at - this course will help you. Many veteran actors have taken the course and were blown away at how many changes they made in their careers and personal lives, even though they’ve been in this business forever.

Remember, even though I have over 70 TV + film credits, shot over 100 commercials and have done thousands of VO’s, I go back to this system and these tools EVERY time I want to go to the next level in my career and my life. So the short answer is, YES, this will help you.

“This course would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?”

Yes. Enrolling in this course is an investment in your career AND your well-being. When you add up what it would cost you to gather this level of training on your own, you’d spend thousands and thousands of dollars (and they’re probably wouldn’t be a guarantee).

(In fact, If you + I sat down one-on-one and I coached you through all 5 modules in person at my hourly rate of $300/hr, that alone would cost you over $6000.) But I’m not even charging ¼ of that price for the entire training, the guided meditations, all the bonuses and lifetime access.

This is not spending money frivolously, hoping it will work out. The return on your investment will be tenfold + you will have the tools to transform every area of your you’ll come back to again and again. What would that be worth to you?

The beliefs we hold about money are often tied to our own worthiness. When we tell ourselves, “I can’t afford it,” at the root of that is, “I don’t deserve it.” (This course will help you bust through those blocks too).

So the real question becomes, “What is a repeatable and proven system and set of tools to maximize my full potential in my acting career and help me lead a happy + fulfilling life worth to me?” I’m guessing...priceless.

Anand Desai-Barochia Testimonial

“Feeling happier is priceless. Feeling more in control of my career is priceless. Being flown to Budapest to shoot a great role on Tyrant in the middle of taking time off to enjoy my summer because I was done putting my happiness on hold...worth every penny.”

-Anand Desai-Barochia, Actor

Jennifer Hawtrey Testimonial

“The work that is done in this course is like no other. The “mental-chatter” that all actors have is endless and to have these transformational tools now available at my fingertips whenever I need them to dim + even silence that inner critic is priceless + worth every cent. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Wendy’s training.”

- Jennifer Hawtrey, Actress

Cindy Nyugen Testimonial

“I was definitely worried about the time and the money. I was also in a generally depressed, sad place + negativity was my constant state of being. After taking your workshop, not only have I had amazing career stuff happen, but I am cultivating happiness + joy in the moment vs. getting sucked to the bottom of my black holes. All the positivity is sinking in, even when life is crazy. That has truly been priceless + beyond worth the investment.”

-Cindy Nyugen, Actress

“What if I already have mindful practices or read personal growth books?”

Many of my students are already on a spiritual path, but have found that all the books they read or rituals they practice aren’t giving them the results they are seeking. I think part of that is because the tools and teachings I give you in The Success Breakthrough Workshop online training program are geared specifically for actors.

I speak your language. I’ve been in your shoes. I understand what goes on in your head (because odds are it’s gone on in mine too!), and everything I teach is tailored to help you succeed in this industry, while living a fulfilling life. (And, we go way beyond mindset).

This course will never tell you to not follow what’s working for you, but many students find my course when what they’ve been doing hasn’t given them better results or more inner peace. This course is often the key that unlocks the door for them on all levels.

Vera Miao Testimonial

“Before enrolling in the workshop, I was frustrated that my meditation + mindfulness practice and all my “doing” still weren’t leading me to inner peace, equanimity + total success. Wendy’s guided meditations served as a great daily touchpoint and an empowering resource that helped me have many success breakthroughs in a short amount of time.”

-Vera Miao, Actress/Director/Writer

“How long do I have access to the course?”

You’ll have free, lifetime access to the the course for as long as it’s online. So anytime there’s an update in course materials, video training, worksheets or audios, you’ll have free + lifetime access. You’ll also remain an alumni in our online mastermind group, so you can stay connected with and supported by this vibrant community for as long as you wish.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Yes! Go through the ENTIRE course in full. Show me that you’ve completed all the training modules, writing exercises, worksheets and listened to all the audios, and if you don’t experience any inner and outer breakthroughs, then you can email me within 45 days of purchase for a refund. Our full terms are available here.

“What If part of me wants to sign up, but another part of me is unsure?”

Some of my students feel this way when they sign up. Their gut is telling them “yes, sign up,” but their ego is telling them “no, don’t go changing things, you’re fine.”

Whenever committing to something new, there’s always that moment where your ego (who fears change) will convince you to retreat, pull back and keep things the same (so it doesn’t have to give up control).

The funny thing, is when you commit to doing the thing that most scares you, you’ll find that the breakthroughs are unlimited. One of my favorite mantras when I feel fear is this… #EverythingIWantIsOutsideMyComfortZone.

Ian Coleman Testimonial

“When signing up for the workshop I was unsure if it would be like all the other workshops I’ve taken or as amazing as I hoped it would be. I was in a state of working very hard and pushing. I had no agent, I was rarely allowing myself to enjoy life and struggling to feel enough or worthy.

After taking Wendy’s workshop, I feel infinite worth, unapologetically myself, and am truly loving myself and my life. I got an agent, I’m booking more, and now that I’m playing more, I’m finding my goals are coming to me even faster. If you’re debating, just know that the entire process, information, and audios are amazing. You’ll have all the tools you need to transform your acting career and your life.”

-Ian Coleman, Actor

Keep In Mind:

When you’re on the verge of moving way beyond your current success ceiling,

your ego will convince you to stay safe + avoid a breakthrough.

CHange is Death to Ego Patterns

The Success Breakthrough Workshop online course is designed to

get you mentally + emotionally bigger than the career you desire.

That is when a success breakthrough happens.

This is your time to

Shine Your Light Brightly.

If you’re ready to go from where you are to where you want to be (and beyond)

in your acting career and your personal life...

The Success Breakthrough Workshop online training program

is the only course of it’s kind to help you get there.

(And I’ll be with you every step of the way!)

Let the transformation begin.

You have 2 different payment options below to get started

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12 monthly payments of

$99 USD
  • 5 Inspiring Modules ($6000)
  • 6 Transformative Guided Meditations ($402)
  • Bonus #1: In The Flow ($67)
  • Bonus #2: Everything Always Works Out For Me ($67)
  • Bonus #3: Mastermind Group ($1000)
  • Bonus #4: LIVE Q +A Coaching Calls ($1000)
  • Bonus #5: Lifetime Access (Priceless)
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Total Value: $8536


Best Value

Single payment of

$997 USD
  • 5 Inspiring Modules ($6000)
  • 6 Transformative Guided Meditations ($402)
  • Bonus #1: In The Flow ($67)
  • Bonus #2: Everything Always Works Out For Me ($67)
  • Bonus #3: Mastermind Group ($1000)
  • Bonus #4: LIVE Q +A Coaching Calls ($1000)
  • Bonus #5: The Ultimate Audition + Performance Collection ($497)
  • Bonus #6: Lifetime Access (Priceless)
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Total Value: $9033
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